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Never give up on your dreams

I graduated at the top of my class at university but somehow I found myself opening (and trashing) my third law school denial letter. My dreams of becoming a legal aid lawyer were slowly being crushed with each word I read in those denial letters. Why didn’t they want me? I would pay a million […]


Earn Cash with the fresh look GoTrekkin!

So to celebrate our fresh new look we are doing a fantastic daily give away of cash towards your next trip!*  How does it work? Visit GoTrekkin now to create your profile and your first trip! Whether you’re documenting your past travels to share with others or planning for future trips – GoTrekkin has everything […]

Brandon Jackson

The GoTrekkin Journey

I founded GoTrekkin to address a common core concern that I and my friends encountered when traveling—“where to go”, “what to see”, “who to connect with”, and “how to have the most epic travel experience”.  The process of building a trip for me was always broken.  I would either go on my friend Jenissa’s Facebook […]


Creating the Perfect Trip on GoTrekkin: A How-To Guide

GoTrekkin’s “add a trip” feature is one of the main functions of the website, and also the most useful.  Here’s a quick guide on how to get the most out of this awesome tool! There are two main reasons for adding a trip:  documenting trips from the past and planning trips for the future.   […]

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Disconnect: Breathtaking Resorts in the Middle of Nowhere

When it comes to relaxation, sometimes getting away from the rest of civilization is the only way to steal a little R&R. Luckily, there are plenty of resorts out in the middle of nowhere that offer plenty of amenities, gorgeous views and all the privacy your heart desires. Leave the phones and laptops behind and […]

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Groovy rest stops for the epic USA road trip

Wonderfully Weird Rest Stops: Check Out These Top Spots for a Truly Strange Vacation A land of highways, America has long featured distinctive and even quirky places along the journey to stop for refreshment and a chance to enjoy the local culture.   Highway 80 Truck Stop, Iowa Billing itself as the “world’s largest” truck […]

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Who Said Hay is For Horses? Visit This Destination for a Unique Hay Bath

Yes, that’s right, we said hay bath. The next time that someone tells you that hay is for horses, you can educate them on the fact that hay baths are actually considered to be therapeutic spa treatments that are offered within South Tyrol, Italy. Years ago, it may have seemed odd to bathe in mud, […]