gotrek dream plan

Never give up on your dreams

I graduated at the top of my class at university but somehow I found myself opening (and trashing) my third law school denial letter. My dreams of becoming a legal aid lawyer were slowly being crushed with each word I read in those denial letters. Why didn’t they want me? I would pay a million dollars just to be in the same room of those making a decision about MY future. Besides, all they knew about me was what they read in my application packet. I knew if they met me then that would change their minds. I needed an escape out of the city and from the denial letters. A couple of days later I got a message on Facebook from my old roommate at university. She had just accepted a new job at a company in Perth and was headed there this upcoming weekend to view and sign the lease for her new place. She told me that her mom was scheduled to go with her but had just finished recovering from the flu. Well, before I knew it I was packing my bags for a flight to Perth that was scheduled to depart at 10pm the next night! West Australia had so much to offer and experiencing all of its culture and natural beauty was simply impossible to do in just three days. Once Katie moved there permanently, I knew I would be back to visit her as often as possible. On my last day in Perth I ventured out on my own while Katie met with her real estate agent. I found a nice spot in the grassy area of Kings Park after a short walk from our hotel. With Perth’s iconic city scape in my view and the calming waters in front of me I had an instant epiphany. I wouldn’t let three denial letters stop me from doing what I’m passionate about nor would I let it stop me from following my dreams. It was in that moment where I made a promise to myself and to my future that I would never give up on my dreams.

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