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Who Said Hay is For Horses? Visit This Destination for a Unique Hay Bath

Yes, that’s right, we said hay bath.

The next time that someone tells you that hay is for horses, you can educate them on the fact that hay baths are actually considered to be therapeutic spa treatments that are offered within South Tyrol, Italy. Years ago, it may have seemed odd to bathe in mud, but today this has become a popular spa treatment known as a mud bath or mud wraps. Could hay baths be the next big thing and are they really beneficial? A visit to Hotel Heubad in Völs will allow you to experience this strange, but potentially rewarding spa treatment.

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According to Heubad, hay bathing has been around for centuries. Farmers in need of a rest would sleep in piles of hay because it was comfortable and convenient for them. Upon waking up from their nap, they would find themselves more energized and full of life. When others began to see the vitality that sleeping in hay provided, hay baths came to be.

Back in the day, hay baths were not as easy and not as comfortable as they are now. The mould that was contained within the hay would increase temperature rapidly. This lead to hay bathers sweating for 20 minutes at a time. It was determined that the vitalizing effect that the hay had was caused by the ethereal components of hay flowers and the sweating that the hay caused. An attendant would be nearby, removing sweat from the bather’s foreheads and swatting away flies. Today, hay baths can be enjoyed in a more relaxing, laid-back setting without these little inconveniences.

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The effect that bathers experience after relaxing in hay is caused by the substances within the hay. The higher the altitude of the alpine pasture, the flora within the meadow is more varied. Hotel Heubad uses only extra fatty hay in their spa treatments. This hay has come from special soil that is made up of petrified coral reefs. Known as Dolomite hay, it includes essential oils, tannins and coumarin-glycosides that can be extremely beneficial for your overall health and well-being. It is said that this hay helps to improve blood circulation, treats muscle cramps and even fights against obesity. After the hay bath, guests are wrapped on in sheets for relaxing without removing the essential oils and other properties.

Hotel Heubad also offers a variety of different spa treatments that guests can enjoy during their stay. During a trip to Italy, a hay bath is one spa treatment that you wont want to pass up. A 50-minute bath is available for 33.00 Euros.

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