Brandon Jackson

The GoTrekkin Journey

I founded GoTrekkin to address a common core concern that I and my friends encountered when traveling—“where to go”, “what to see”, “who to connect with”, and “how to have the most epic travel experience”.  The process of building a trip for me was always broken.  I would either go on my friend Jenissa’s Facebook page to see where she went or ask my friend Val, the adventurer who is willing to go anywhere, where I should plan my next trip.  While the process was fun, I realized that it was fragmented and that there were communities of travelers, fellow trekkers, that I could tap into, if that platform existed.  Now it does!

GoTrekkin provides a new canvas ready for your past and future travel masterpieces. Your profiles and itineraries will create something that has never existed on the web.  Use that travel pic you love to kick off your profile.  Wait till you see how easy it is to build your past and future itineraries with the “Activity” feature- it helps you access over a million activities. You can also crowd-fund your trips!!! No matter where you are in the world or what your life circumstances are, you can come on GoTrekkin, build your dream experience and raise the funds to make it come true.

When I committed myself to creating a travel site that sought to build communities around travel, allowing every day people to share and explore, plan, and fund their trips, I had no idea how long the entire process would take, the amount of time required, and detail needed.  I knew the biggest hurdle was starting and backing down or giving up was not an option.  There were obstacles.  It seemed like at every turn, when progress was made, another challenge was needed to be overcome.  Entering the tech world with a background in International Relations was daunting.  I could debate our policy to China but could not tell you the difference between a site built on WordPress or using Ruby on Rails.  I remember when I finally decided on Underbelly, the amazing team from Utah to breathe life into my vision, it was after interviewing 45 tech companies from Canada to South Africa.  They were beyond amazing.  The phrases I kept on repeating to myself was, “trust your gut Brandon” and make sure that in every decision “you speak truth to your values and your vision”. I have done just that.

I welcome you to be part of this new journey. Please take the time to go on GoTrekkin and re-create all of your past trips and build new ones. I promise you we built something that doesn’t presently exist on the web. My mantra recently is progress not perfection. GoTrekkin is going to grow and evolve and your profiles, itineraries, and feedback are invaluable!!! If you need help or have suggestions send my team a note (info@Gotrekkin.com). I promise to respond with 48 hours. Thank you for infusing GoTrekkin with your time and energy! Your profiles and itineraries will make GoTrekkin a vehicle for positive change in the travel world. Be prepared to be inspired and become an inspiration! Happy Trekking!!!


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